I am a creative and enjoy the flexibility of being a Mixed Media Artist. My work is politically driven, introspective, and tells a story whether past, present, or future. My motto: Engage, Inspire, Create.

My education background is Psychology, Public Health, and Language so there is always an underlining theme in my work that promotes self healing, cultural awareness, and collectivism. I curated a show called Ubuntu which means “I am because we are”. It comes from a Zulu philosophy which emphasizes the importance of community. We live in a time where community, family, unity for the betterment of us all is being challenged. In my second language (Swahili) let us “Umoja” or unite because our children, the future generations, are depending on it.

Please leave a detailed message via email (ndartstudios@gmail.com) or phone (503-489-8174) for pricing inquiries or booking request.

You can “Like” my  artist page on Facebook (ND Art Studios) which keeps you updated on my activities, gallery showings, and current Art projects.

If you want to see some of my work in the community; I have a piece called “Yes” (purchased by the City of Tacoma) displayed at the Tacoma Peoples Centers, another piece called “I Am We” (Donated to the Evergreen State College-Tacoma Alumni Association) displayed at the Sankofa Foundation, and my first public art piece called “Love Yourself” (Displayed outside of Caribbean Grocery on 54th near Tacoma Mall).

Be sure to follow my Artist page on Facebook to find out where my next showing will be.

Art Flow,

Sabreehna S. Essien (Aka LaQuita S. Thurman)